A One Way Conversation

You may have noticed, if you follow You Say on Twitter, that I had a little issue with my mobile dying last weekend and needing life-support (read rebooting and carrying a juice box to charge it 24/7) so I reluctantly ordered an upgrade - albeit in a bit of a rush, on Monday.

Phone arrived as scheduled but it was the wrong one - not sure if it was me or the supplier but anyway I picked up the phone to call their 0800 no to get an exchange organised. Oh. My. Days. I seemed to jump on a merry-go-round and not a nice one from a fair but one that made me sick, stressed and exasperated.

So when I saw Dom Burch's opinion piece on the Drum I was agreeing with all he wrote. (I have a lot of time for Dom generally but this was 100% on point Sir). If, as a business, you are going to get involved with social media and 'communities' then you HAVE to be on the ball and you have to be real and authentic.

I just wanted a reply, I wanted someone to take responsibility and I wanted to be listened to. Not too much to ask when I part with £100s of pounds a year for my contract and was upgrading, so also showing some brand loyalty. The reason eventually given (it took over 48 hours to respond to my tweets) was that the mobile phone supplier in question was busy as the Samsung S7 had launched. Errrr - I don't care, I wasn't ordering a Samsung and quite frankly you saw that one coming and should have staffed up. All that did was make me feel they were prioritising someone else.

Will I recommend the supplier I use? Right now no. Brands of what ever size need to either stay out of the kitchen full stop or be able to take the heat. Twitter and Instagram is not somewhere to talk at people about sales and your messages or share emojis for LOLZ it is very much a customer relations channel and when the customer in question (me) had a bad ride with the call centre and this was one of the reasons to reach out via Twitter then a quick and kind response would have gone a long way to resolving the issue.

The irony of it being about mobiles and communications is not lost on me... So Carphone Warehouse its a massive fail from me I'm afraid. Twitter is not a megaphone or a one way conversation.

Emma Heesom