Power To Your Elbow

It's over two weeks since I decided to set myself a challenge and address some work /life balance and see if I can instill it in You Say Towers.

It feels like it is still really early days and I am having some successes, but some things feel like they are stalling. I guess I don't help myself when a fellow PR needed a bit of support on a new account so she could take her planned holiday in peace. Of course I said yes and of course the work needs doing **NOW**.

So what is working? Well, the power hour is great, it fits with my attention span and it is long enough to achieve some copy for a client or a call around to journalists. I try and do at least two a day and they aren't interrupted by social media, calls or buying that vital thing on Urban Outfitters!

The honed to-do list is working and I have integrated it into my day book, which does make it smaller, but it means it is with me wherever I am.

And the confessional... what isn't working I hear you ask. Well the Friday for just business development is sort of working but it isn't always the day other people are free and I also see a whole day as available in my head and I have moved client work into it as I had a bit of a domino effect with incoming work. As I work with several clients I have to be very flexible and something urgent dropped in on Thursday so I had to re assign some work to make it fit and also do a later night than this experiment is supposed to allow.

That said I did manage a lunch with a former client Friday just gone, albeit I was a little late and an afternoon working in a cafe so on balance it is definitely progress.

However what is taking longer to un-learn is guilt. Self imposed but guilt all the same. If I am not in at 0900 (we are working on that one) or I do business development or pitches in 'client time'. But I guess Rome wasn't built in a day and I have a lot to unlearn...

Emma Heesom