It's All About The Bolly Daahling...

Erm no, it's not actually!

Unfortunately there's a little irony in the fact that the very business engaged to tell stories and (mostly) promote the facts and the benefits of the latest brand, product, 'thing' we PRs suffer from a bad case of image hangover.

I'm not sure PR was ever really a round of lunches, champers and glam trips. But then I cut my teeth in health PR in-house! Anyone graduating around this time will have hopefully realised that PR is a long way from expensing the Michelin Star lunch with a client and tottering in Choos, here's hoping that isn't why they got into PR in the first place.

I read Liam Fitzpatrick's opinion piece on PR Week online recently and I have to agree with his three PR myths - sorry to anyone expecting to carve a career as a sweary Malcom Tucker meets Edina from Ab Fab. Proper PR is about as far from spin as you can get - well if you want to build lasting relationships with clients and their customers it is. A bit like Patsy's mascara after an all-nighter, the veneer starts to slip all too quickly if too much spin is attempted. Now more than ever with 24/7 news, social media and savvy consumers people see straight through spin.

My advice to any rookie PR?

  • Get an awesome task list set up - be it on paper like me or an app like Any Do
  • Be honest and polite to journalists, remember they are just doing their jobs too
  • Don't promise your client the moon on a stick - even if they want it. Real bad.
Emma Heesom