A resolution to no resolutions.

It is the first week back here at You Say offices. Nice to be back walking past Shaun, Gromit and the gang every day - you know we are based at Aardman right?

This year I've made a resolution to have no resolutions.

It isn't the first year I've decided that to be honest but it felt good so I am repeating it. However it is a new year to focus on things I like and I am good at, perhaps moving away from the things I don't like whilst accepting that we can't all be good at everything. But it is all about perspective and the way we look at things.

As a business owner, of a micro or boutique comms agency, it is tempting to say YES I can do that or YES I want to do that - even when I might be groaning on the inside. But this year we are possibly going to say YES a little less or YES we can bring someone in who can do that under our agency but that isn't ME.

I now work with a couple of A-MA-ZING freelancers, it has taken a while to find the right ones as I need to get on with them but I have realised that I also need people with different skills and likes in the PR-mix than me.

I might appear silly saying I can't ace every aspect of PR but personally I think it is a strong thing to see your skills and fill the weaknesses. Don't misunderstand me; I will continue CPD and learning but as a business owner I need to focus on running the business, managing clients and enjoying what I do. I can't be all things to all people. Well, I can, but I run the risk of not doing things to the best of my ability.

So 2017 will find You Say Agency expanding our regular freelance portfolio, looking at adding a junior member of the team and sometimes saying NO. But doing it to be the best we can.

Happy New Year!

Emma Heesom