Keeping on keeping on

2017 was a busy year. The business grew, we worked with some amazing freelancers, such as Gail Painter and Holly Black, who helped Emma pitch for and win some large accounts like Box Steam Brewery.

We were too busy to blog sometimes too. Always the way in a small business when you are focused on clients. Too busy in the business to work on it!

Business wise it felt like a strange year at the start, post Brexit and election things felt unsure and perhaps some prospective clients were cautious. Certainly as the year ended although there still wasn't certainty the PR world felt busier.

20171104@JonCraig_Photos 07778606070 12.jpg

One highlight was getting to know our fellow PRs in Bristol. From launching Meat Box, a high welfare butchers in Wapping Wharf to working with the Soil Association it has been a pleasure to get support from the likes of Pam Lloyd and Caroline Peel along with Duchess Media and many more besides. 


Emma Heesom