P.R. & Media relations

Getting to the heart of a story

You can sleep easy knowing You Say Agency know communications & PR inside out & upside down. That isn't to say we can't still create innovative, eye-catching & commended campaigns. But we don't like to blow our own trumpets, oh ok then if you insist...

We know how to write engaging copy, fit to our client's tone of voice & tailored to the media we target. Be that regional, national, trade or online - think bloggers, facebook & websites.

Our little gallery shows just a tiny sample of the smorgasboard of photo calls, collateral creation, proactive & reactive news stories & campaigns we've created or handled over the last two decades.

Developing Brands

Telling your story through words and pictures

We have had the pleasure of developing brands both in-house & as a consultancy. Emma has a design background & manages to both visualise how a product looks but also develop a narrative that can be used across packaging, websites, literature & more. We can help draft photography briefs, coordinate shoots, manage design pitches & consult stakeholders & customers.

Whether you are an established brand that is looking to redefine your 'tone of voice' or have a complete brand overhaul or a new company or product starting from scratch the team can help take you on a journey of discovery.


Stakeholder engagement

You Say Agency has bags of experience engaging stakeholders (that's the important people to you & your business). We're great at the front of house stuff such as meeting Ministers or speaking at council meetings & the behind the scenes stuff such as identifying who a client's key stakeholders are. We can help to find out what local and environmental issues make people tick.

Why not see if we can help you connect with your very own VIPs? We have a bulging contact books and know our way around local & national Government. We're here to make sure everyone has their say when it matters.

Involving a whole community

We've been lucky to be involved in some grass-roots community engagement including organising a post-card campaign to MPs & Ministers to lobby for smoke free legislation in England. We also work with national retailers & developers to consult members of the public & local communities.

We like making sure all voices are heard & ensuring the little voice gets as much volume as the big one.


Weaving a story across platforms.

We truly believe that effective & successful social media occurs when you cannot see where traditional PR ends & social media starts.

A beautiful and seamless blend of the two is what You Say Agency strives for. Blogs, online competitions seeded via Twitter or Facebook, video content, building a stock of collateral and images, creating a community across multiple platforms, responding to 24hour news, market research, user generated content, newsletters...

We could go on - but you get the picture. 

Street creds.

As self-confessed social media geeks, we get really excited by effective social media & sometimes tear our hair out when brands get it a bit wrong. We believe we're ahead of the curve, the early adopters if you like, and we would love to weave our magic for you. Basically we love a good natter & interacting with people is what we do best.

Emma always provides thoughtful and creative stories of direct appeal to readers of Bristol24/7. She can be relied upon to hit deadlines and bridges the gap expertly between her clients and the media without getting in the way.
— Martin Booth, Editor, Bristol 24/7
I only managed to work with Emma for a short period of time but I do hope we can do business again in the future. She works damn hard and gets stuff done without things becoming a hassle, which I can certainly be from time to time!
— Jim Cregan, MD of Jimmy's Iced Coffee